• This kind of overtake pisses me off so much...there are solid white lines down the middle of the the road that aren't meant to be crossed, because it's a stupid idea to overtake on the bend, yet the driver thinks that because it's a cyclist in front it's imperative to make the overtake as soon as possible regardless of the road markings. When the inevitable happens and they encounter a car coming the other way, they think fuck it let's squeeze the cyclist rather than abort the overtake.

  • I don't know any details of this specific situation, and haven't seen the video, but just wanted to clarify this:-

    there are solid white lines down the middle of the the road that aren't meant to be crossed

    They can be crossed though (per HWC rule 129):-


    Double white lines where the line nearest you is solid. This means you MUST NOT cross or straddle it unless it is safe and you need to enter adjoining premises or a side road. You may cross the line if necessary, provided the road is clear, to pass a stationary vehicle, or overtake a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle, if they are travelling at 10 mph (16 km/h) or less.

    Of course, if it's a blind bend (as hinted at in other posts) then "providing the road is clear" cannot be guaranteed and they shouldn't have attempted to manoeuvre, also the average car driver will consider any cyclist they want to overtake as going slower than 10mph regardless of their real speed.

  • Well, that told me! Of course, since such markings are basically always used on bends, is it ever safe? On a straight road, how is having a double white line any different from having a dashed white line which you are also not supposed to cross unless it is safe?


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