• What’s the build / finish quality like on the Planet X London Road / SL’s? Girlfriend has a Mango Point Alr, the build was good, but the frame is massively out of line and built on a budget. Discs rub no matter how much you set them up, back wheel pops out of the dropouts unless the QR is done up stupid tight. I think other people have had the same problems with the frameset.

    Want to replace it with something in the £200 region and want it to set up perfectly first time. Used for commuting, touring mainly.

  • Haven’t trued the rotors - will give it a go.

    Had Halo Allen key skewers on there for a while - they worked, but didn’t feel right. Without them the wheel sits very wonky. Have to really force the wheel in then cinch it up.

    Shame as the bike got pretty good reviews before they went bust.


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