• What’s the build / finish quality like on the Planet X London Road / SL’s? Girlfriend has a Mango Point Alr, the build was good, but the frame is massively out of line and built on a budget. Discs rub no matter how much you set them up, back wheel pops out of the dropouts unless the QR is done up stupid tight. I think other people have had the same problems with the frameset.

    Want to replace it with something in the £200 region and want it to set up perfectly first time. Used for commuting, touring mainly.

  • Have you trued the rotors, and are you using shimano QR’s?

  • If the frame is out of line from the box then you should be able to warranty it. Also if the brake mounts have't been faced properly, warranty it.

  • I've got a PX London Road, size small, in silver that I've been meaning to strip & sell for a while, it's by no means pristine but I've ridden it all over the country and it's never let me down. Phenomenal for the money really. PM me if you're interested.


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