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  • It might be a little harder and won't achieve the same surface a dry environment would, but from chatting to my mate who does this a lot, it's perfectly doable. He suggests making sure the surface is properly dry before searing, and for cuts like these with large pieces of fat, crisping them up before bagging.

    On balances the advantages of the SV for me are worth it over oven cooking (1) moister, 2) timing flexibility, 3) less smell indoors, and of course the biggest certainty)

    @coventry_eagle - idk if it's anywhere near you, but these guys in Spitlefields were really helpful and have a great selection of aged beef: The Butchery Ltd E1 - 6a Lamb St, Spitalfields, London E1 6EA

    @aggi - cheers. I've been reading that site this week.

  • Thanks for the heads head up, not a big fan of beef but will check them out nonetheless.

    I do have the same cooler and yeah might make my own SV box! Good tip on tidying everything up and plugging up the hole so it could still be used as a chiller if needed!