• I do not know what you are employed as but, if in your workplace, you make a mistake, others are very annoyed but no one is hurt - would you accept having your employment terminated as a fair sanction?
    In the situation above, it is plain to me the the driver was at fault. If he stopped and apologised (honestly and frankly) to the cyclist would this be raised to a higher level?
    There was a video on Reddit where a car pulled out in front of a motorcycle and the car driver stopped and profusely apologied for his MISTAKE. That was the end of it.
    People make mistakes driving every day, rarely to they apologise. Maybe it is worth considering.
    I am not taking any sides in this at all just considering options.

  • That isn’t a mistake. It was a wilful decision to overtake when not appropriate. It’s a failure to follow the rules of the road. Given the inherent risks he should be sanctioned. If it’s first offence then it may just be fine and points on licence. If it’s part of a bigger pattern then the sanctions ought to escalate. If that means change of job so be it.

  • It was a mistake for him to overtake in that position. The driver was wrong to do it so you could say it was wilful. (so I agree with your point)
    Did the driver foresee the consequences of his actions? Unlikely.
    Was anyone hurt? No.
    Should he have done it? No.
    Does he deserve to lose his job?
    Does he deserve to lose his licence?
    These last two questions relate to sanctions and what is fair. I believe there was no malice in this case so it’s an unfortunate incident. (A mistake? An error? Pedantry corner)
    If you made a bad decision ( amended from mistake) in your workplace and one was hurt, is it reasonable for you to lose your job? And all the consequences of that.