• You can report it. Not so sure about posting the evidence here though. May be best to remove it for now.

    Looks like the bus pulled out to overtake you and had to pull in when a car came the other way. Not so sure he was trying to kill you etc. Not the best driving though.

  • Just submitted a report with the police online.

    Yeah I hadn’t realised there was an oncoming car at the time. Just thought the bus driver was pulling in way too close. Only realised after seeing the footage it was due to an oncoming car.

  • What do you think would be a sensible penalty for the driver?
    We are past internal procedures.
    Should the Police take action, what would you be happy with?
    I’m not exactly sure of the Met’s disposal options but there may be awareness courses at the lower end of options. Upper end would be report to CPS and they may decide to summon the driver to a Magistrates’ Court. The Court has options too. Upper end of those would be a ban. I would presume the driver would lose his job if banned. The loss of his job would obviously have implications on his life especially if that is all he is qualified to do.
    If he gets a ban, do not expect a huge fine as the Court will take his unemployment into consideration as he won’t have means to pay the fine.
    I’m interested in what you think.


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