• The first bus company I contacted emailed 3 video files today of the CCTV footage I requested.

    The second video clip really shows how much the bus driver cut me up and put myself in a dangerous situation between the bus and curb.

    The bus company said they spoke with the bus driver. But now after seeing the footage I kind of want to submit it to the police. It happened on the 20th March, has is been too long to make a report?

    EDIT - removed the footage as I’ve submitted a “dangerous driving” police report online.

  • You can report it. Not so sure about posting the evidence here though. May be best to remove it for now.

    Looks like the bus pulled out to overtake you and had to pull in when a car came the other way. Not so sure he was trying to kill you etc. Not the best driving though.

  • This kind of overtake pisses me off so much...there are solid white lines down the middle of the the road that aren't meant to be crossed, because it's a stupid idea to overtake on the bend, yet the driver thinks that because it's a cyclist in front it's imperative to make the overtake as soon as possible regardless of the road markings. When the inevitable happens and they encounter a car coming the other way, they think fuck it let's squeeze the cyclist rather than abort the overtake.


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