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  • Anyone had a household moth problem before? How did you deal with it?

    We have a natural fibre carpet in the bedroom and it turns out that the previous owners must have had moths and that there was larva in the carpet. So they've been flourishing the last few weeks as it got warmer, and we've been battling it with frequent cleaning and cedar balls, laundering bed sheets frequently, sealing up clothes in vacuum storage bags, etc.

    But as we don't like the carpets so much I'm thinking of removing the carpets altogether to destroy all of the larva that remains.

    Sound like enough?

  • I had an awful moth infestation in a rented apartment a few years ago, in certain areas the carpet was a hive of little moths it appeared to be moving

    Rip out the carpet is the best solution, otherwise they will spread into duvet, clothes, sofa etc.


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