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  • I have pain on the inside right ankle, just above the ankle. My suspicion is that it is Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction, but I can do a heel lift standing on just the right foot so maybe not.

    The history is slightly complex. I started running again in January of this year, wearing Adidas ultra boosts. After 3-4 weeks building volume I developed the pain and stopped running as a result, then rested for around 3 months (mainly swimming instead).

    I then started running again in some old Asics Fast Noosas I had for triathlon. I built volume without any pain, but one day I forgot the Asics and out of stupidity went for a run in the Ultra Boosts, then immediately experienced pain again. As I have entered a triathlon end of July I didn’t completely rest the ankle, and now I experience pain in the ankle after each run that subsides over around a week. I bought some more supportive shoes yesterday (ASICS GT 1000), and after running in them pain is slightly less, but still there.

    Any suggestions that it could be anything other than Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction? I know I need to see a physio to diagnose properly

  • Go and see a sports physio as soon as possible dude.
    You want to get what it is likely to be confirmed, how to manage/improve the situation and start working on that if you have a tri in 6 weeks


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