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  • Rory Stewart is just as slimy as any Tory before or after. Are people that shallow and easily bamboozled?

  • No, its just that the options other than Stewart are so uterly grim that people are clinging to what ever hope there might be.
    I cant remember a worst time in politics since the worst Thatcher years when Tebbit and Joseph were rampant. McVey is vile.

  • Nah, the guy's an awful slimey, self serving, sycophantic slug. But if you're telling someone they have to choose which number on the Bristol stool chart they have to eat, they'll probably go for the down the middle shits they prefer coming out of their arse, rather then the shits they remember hurting or needing to clean up after... and then eat... for a number of years.

  • He was a member of the Labour Party as a teenager.

    On the radio some months back he said that according to an opinion poll 80% of the population supported Brexit. When asked what poll he was referring to he said that he made it up. So definite Tory material for PM...a liar and like the rest, not to be trusted. Look at his voting record on austerity as proof.