• Yeah you're right, they'll stay.

    I finally dropped off bits for the wheel build today, which is exciting.

    Have been psyching myself up for adding gears and guards and going back to proper functional, and then I saw this:
    It's just so good. Makes me want to soldier forward with the impracticality of ss and knobby tyres. Is it the fixie of bikepacking?

  • Weirdly I’m super psyched for going from gears and mudguards to fixed impracticality! And waiting on my wheel build for that.

  • I mean you're right in a way, they will be a bit much, but I say use the nice stuff on this bike unless you have an alternative project in the works.

    I've done some bikepacking on my single speed pompetamine. But I would say fixed bike packing has got to be the way, just ask @mostly_by_bike


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