• Thrasher just mentioned that some skinny bloke is doing it this year.

    Still a bit of time until it starts (August 17th to August 31st) but never too early to start chatting.

  • Looks like a great field with skinny, Jay p plus lael wilcox and Sarah Hammond amongst the starters.
    Others I know include
    Chris Phillips, who I was chatting to the other week and week had to dnf last time. He said he was going back with a different bike, a full on mountain bike, and with mountaineering gear, better tent, etc.
    Andi buchs, who did indypac and who organises nord kapp tarifa
    Stu Edwards, a brit living in Tasmania did indypac and who has done lots of mountain biking
    Karl speed, who has done tcr a couple of times (mandatory route should suit him as he got dqd last time for not riding solo as he apparently hadnt done a route so was just following others!)
    Stephane, who usually goes off road a bit during the tcr!