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  • 25 days ago I msgd someone re: buying something they'd listed, offering the price they listed at. The next day, buyer responds positively and I immediately send payment which is confirmed with "I'll post (a couple days later) Monday"
    A week goes buy and no items/contact so I PM a "no, issue, just a reminder if slipped your mind, still haven't received bits" - further 6 days until reply and very polite apologies with mitigation of xyz busy busy busy (again completely fine with me) and "I'll post this afternoon." I reply with "Thanks, no problem at all". Still nothing over a week later so three days ago I send "wanna just refund if easier?" and no response as yet. Historically active forum user and posted as frequently as 5 days ago. At what point do I post on this thread - think I'll try another PM and possibly reply (with subtle undertones of, ahem, the bits I've still not received) on the thread he last posted in before trying to get a response posting on here. Seem fair?

    tl;dr - how long and many messages before I call someone out on this thread in a desperate attempt to get a response?