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  • IMO, if Julian said "I'll confirm tonight" – and it sounds like there was some kind of agreement in place with a time and place of meeting – the least David could have done was say "OK, but I reserve the right to sell these to a guy at work who's interested."

  • @fizzy.bleach yeah maybe I should have said that. It would save the dissapointment for the @Julian_Stock.
    I've sold to person I know well, I have communicated to Julian asap that they have sold, apologies and as he was very upset I offered to borrow stock wheels to keep him rolling in case of being left without hoops.
    We provisionally agree to meet but I couldn't be sure if he will buy in the end as had before countless situations of forum members pulling out ( never complain as that's their right).
    Choice of selling them to mate was natural and I'm sure most ppl would sell to person they know if they wanted to buy.
    No right or wrong person in this situation...