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  • i think if the seller said it was OK, but then changed their mind without telling the potential buyer thats a dick move. They can change their mind, their's no contract yadayada but isn't the community aspect just giving someone a heads up first?

  • Yeah but how many people are on here now and how many have you traded with before?

    Some folk I will happily pay gift or give dibs because I 'know' from post count or rep they're good for it or I've traded with them before. That's the community aspect.

    If someone I don't know much about-which these days could still have 10k plus posts-says "I want to buy this after I sell X or in X weeks" I'd say get back to me when you have the cash and hopefully it's still for sale. I suppose in this case the seller has a local offer and suited himself because it was guaranteed and there's less cocking about. Again, he could have equally been left disappointed if he hadn't. Sounds like he told Julian they were sold directly.

    Maybe I'm a #cuntseller or incredibly dishonourable for not being surprised at or thinking it's particularly deplorable but nobody is going to die from the disappointment I hope.

  • yep, i agree and am choosy with who i buy from and sell too, and i may be more 'cash is king' with people i haven't encountered before.
    But this sounds like a half and half (i might be reading it incorrectly), and the seller made and agreed arrangements with the buyer, then flaked out halfway through. Its totally his right to flake out - cash is king right - but if he'd agreed to this (rather long-winded) transaction then that's still flaking out, surely? If he didn't agree, then fine.