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  • I sympathise with @Julian_Stock .
    As a seller, it is mildly irritating when a prospective buyer asks something like "can you wait 'til payday?", but if you choose to make an agreement, you should stick to it within a reasonable timeframe, as an honourable person.
    This reads like a case of one prolific (in relative and recent terms) forum user being backed up by other prolific users, irrespective of the wrong that has been committed.

  • You said it yourself though, it's"mildly irritating" but also pretty much par for the course when selling anything online. In my experience if people want stuff they either pay or come collect immediately to make sure they get it. If people give me a vague or non-definite response I don't expect much from them; if Julian's own wheel sale fell through would it be a point of honour for him to complete the sale at any cost? Or would he have just said sorry and left the seller to find someone else?

    It's shit to a point, but human nature is what it is-making everything about a point of honour or prolific forum users backing up their own just seems to be making more out of it than it needs to be...