• So.

    The RSF archive book’s about to drop in our laps, by our very own ancient forum people @TheBonk @mxl ?(Max what’s your tag these days?)

    I know there’s plenty of bikepacking going down around here and more generally, who’s up for aligning some forum rides with the Rough Stuff Fellowship? I just joined, seems like there’s plenty of scope for putting rides together here for those who like riding byways, bridlepaths and the ways less travelled, with open invite to members of the RSF not previously on here.

    Anybody else a member/would consider getting a genuine branch going on here? Teenslain could be our talismanic figure...

    ... I never go for a walk without my bike.

    I just got back from two nights out on the South Downs Way with a buddy. It was mmmmmarvellous.

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