• Also got another email from another bus company who I had emailed a complaint to regarding a bus pulling out in front of me. I also requested the CCTV footage.

    This is their reply:

    “I have fully investigated your query today and we have reviewed this CCTV and there are no incidents involving any cyclists. We could also not identify you in the CCTV with your description given. So unfortunately we would not be able to release any CCTV to yourself for GPDR reasons as you are not in the CCTV.”

    They seem to be claiming my incident with the bus never happened and I don’t exist? Wtf.

    After the bus pulled out, it stopped 30seconds down the road at another bus stop. So I pulled up to the drivers window and just said you pulled over very close to me down the road.

    How can they not see any of that?

  • Some older buses don't have CCTV covering much of the outside, including close to the body where you might have been. I found this when filing a claim. You could see me passing a window, just about, but not much more than that.

    Incidentally, that company was perfectly happy to supply me with the un-blurred footage, at a 'processing' cost of £10. My solicitors could get hold of it for free.


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