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  • I’m running PIA app on my android phone.

    Saw netguard mentioned above so downloaded the app as it looked interesting and I haven’t rooted my phone yet.

    Netguard uses a vpn it seems so when I activate netguard my PIA stops and vice versa.
    Why is netguard using a vpn if it’s just allowing or denying app web access?
    With PIA off and netguard on is my web traffic going via a vpn?
    Is there a way to run both PIA and netguard?
    DuckDuckGo-ing suggests android only supports one vpn so its one or other

  • Why is netguard using a vpn

    It isn't but is pretending to be one (please excuse the high level tech vocab). That is the way it can be a passthrough for all traffic so it can monitor/block as per user setup.


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