• Spent 4 days riding from Bournemouth to Marazion along a fairly, umm, challenging route I devised.


    Packed the bike up with a wedding outfit, bivvy, tarp, cooking stuff and all the other usual bits and pieces, then hopped on the 11:05 South Western from Waterloo. The first night I camped at the YHA in Beer, second night Foggintor Quarry on Dartmoor and the third night in Mallet’s Cottage on the Roseland coast, finishing at a bnb in Marazion to get clean for my buddies wedding the following day.

    To follow, a list of pros and cons from the trip and then some landscapes.

    Twisty Dorset gravel tracks.
    Drakes Trail into Tavistock.
    The severe hills of the Lizard peninsular.
    Minimum one pasty a day diet.
    Descending Dartmoor whilst the morning sun burnt away the previous night’s mist.
    The Helford river crossing in baking sun and turquoise waters.
    The fish finger sandwich in Fowey.
    The two old dears in the Sidmouth drizzle who wanted to play the lottery.
    Camping amongst ruins with no one else for miles and miles.

    The severe hills of the Lizard peninsular causing me to loose all confidence in my brakes and walking down most of them.
    Being ginger in the sun.
    A delicate case of the squits.

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  • This looks amazing and ridiculous, was the wedding at the end? Were you able to function??

    I'm catching up on this thread after succumbing to wild-camp-anxiety a couple times and looking for inspiration. The only real wild camping I've done has been of the sort where you ride all day, fall into a tent in a field at the side of the road, and wake up and just ride again. Trying to couple the fact that I largely road ride with the idea of actually setting up camp in the light and enjoying it for a few hours is leaving me with a bit of a mental block for it all.

    Anyway, it's great to see everyone's still getting out there.