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  • I have also found it more difficult than I would like to source a decent rear wheel with a brake track anyway

    Eh? You're struggling to find a 700c rear wheel with a brake track?

    Admittedly if you want a modern wide profile rim with a single speed/flip flop hub you might have to build it yourself, but its not like the parts aren't everywhere and cheap.

  • I am in Australia, and was looking for something pre-built. A lot of crap around on EBay etc. I currently have a Halo Aero Rage on it, but I can't seem to find those anywhere. Maybe my definition of cheap is cheaper than yours too :)

    Having said that, wheel building could be fun to explore. Maybe a good idea when the Halo is cooked.

  • Where in Australia are you? I have a set of wheels that came off my Pompino which are Archetype's to unbranded polished hubs. They've seen plenty of action and would be cheap as a result. Based in Melbourne.

  • That sounds ideal^

    I built up a set of dt swiss r460 rims to a standard novatec flip flop hub. The rims are around £30 here, with a hub from Ali express from for maybe £20. There must be somewhere in aus that can do you some cheap spokes too.

    Wheelbuilding is fun to learn and fixed wheels are nice an easy as there is less dishing to worry about (they are symmetrical, unlike a road rear or disc wheels where the flanges aren't equally spaced). Get over to the wheel building thread/YouTube for all the info you could ever need).


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