• Looks great. Fair play stripping the brakes.. I have a 2015 equilibrium disc too.. great bikes

    What drivetrain you planning to run?

  • Cheers - got 5800 gears & shifters with a Praxis chainset, test fitted everything at the weekend & should all work out quite nicely I think - would have had it finished but ran into a few niggles...

    Had ordered the only 5800 front mech adapter I could see to fit the 28.6 seat tube but when it arrived it was for a 31.8 mech & mine is 34.9... found a 34.9>31.8 adapter in a box of spares which was pretty chunky so I tried it with the extra reducer to see how it felt, seems fine so on it went - not the prettiest solution but if it works i'll overlook it for the sake of getting it on the road.

    The matt finish bars were annoying me before I even started putting it together so I unearthed some polished finish Deda rhm01 from the loft from an old build & set about taking the scratched logos off with acetone - came up pretty fresh looking so on those went too.

    The spoke clearance with the Spyres / 140mm centrelock rotors was a bit iffy - the actuation arm on the brakes was hitting the spokes with the caliper centred over the disc & the inner pad was rubbing if I moved the caliper out enough to clear the spokes - so quick search online & a rummage in the magic spares box unearthed what looked like a couple of old freehub (possibly) spacers, the hard plastic type - one around 1.5mm and the other probably about 0.5mm (absolutely no idea where / what they came from) they slipped over perfectly with a bit of persuasion, the bigger one centred the caliper perfectly over the disc but the lockring was catching the fork leg very slightly (plus i didn't really want anything that would push the rotor too far across the splines either...) so I went for the slimmer one & wound the outboard pad across slightly to make the pad gap even. Tightened everything up & all seems well - another look online suggests Bontrager make a 1mm spacer for this very purpose, might pick one up in future but for now this seems like a solution.

    This is with no spacers involved - there's really not much of a gap between the lockring & the fork, although this shitty phone-camera angle makes it look worse than it is

    Slow progress - but chipping away at it, pretty pleased so far but the fork curve combined with the weird angle of the 140mm front rotor mount makes it look like the front end has melted, will see how the 140mm rotor is - a 160mm might give me slightly better braking, more clearance and less ugly, but we'll see how it pans out...


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