• Or Darlington. East coast mainline, easy to get out to west towards Barnard castle then head for Richmond, Northallerton and down to York way- easy day ride darlo to york

  • Or Darlington.

    Yeah I was thinking about Darlington. Will be riding fixed and if carrying stuff for an overnight then keeping the distance down wouldn't be too bad.

    Masham is the closest point on the women's route to Darlington so would seem to make to head there to see it but then its do you stay up there, out in the sticks and be in a good place to watch on Sunday or head down towards Harrogate?

    Head south and there's more chance of seeing more of the men's racing but staying north means you could get yourself to a nice steep part of the route. I'll also probably need to get myself back to Darlington on Sunday evening to get the train home.


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