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  • If I attach clip on bars, how much faster can I roughly assume I'd be able to go over ten miles? Current best is 22.3mph. Would 1mph faster be realistic? I understand that single change would have the biggest impact (assuming position is sorted)?

  • too many unknowns. you could either be reasonably aero already or just powering through the wall of air and still have the same time. the latter would benefit more.

  • Depends on the bars, the bike geo, your ability to tuck, and so on.

    Are you currently riding in the drops with bent elbows? Can’t remember the link off the top of my head but it might have been Specialized or something, the Win Tunnel?

    Riding in an aggressive drops position is a massive aero gain over riding tops, unless you can already get your forearms flat on top and duck yourself really low when on the hoods.


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