• Attaching a couple pics of how and why I use OSM maps on OSMAND.
    In this example, I put a Marker between two points I want to travel, then chose the two Merkers in the from and to section, then waited for it to calculate the route. FYI depending on the distance, it can take a while. Normally I have the "avoid unpaved roads" turn on. In this example I turned it off so you can see even more variance of surface and road type.

    Once it is done then I study the elevation, road type and surface details.

    The maps are not always 100%, the app does take time to learn, and is sometimes hard to handle when tired, wet and cold, but for me, it is still the best information I can get while completely offline somewhere .

    OSMAND helps me a lot, I write and share in hopes that it can help someone else.

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