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  • Tom deacan Say mudguards. So I'll zip tie the bugger if I have too. Given the person who stole my bike partially round the now stuck bolt I am slightly annoyed. I know this will be unpopular but given mudguards are not required for safety the respect reason is odd. Respect can be defined many ways. I used to think audaxing was not elitist I was wrong, it is it bike elisitist at the very least. I'll do this audax this weekend but I won't bother doing anymore or possibly pbp. This one thing has put me right off even though I normally have guards fitted to this bike and actually prefer riding with them and I have done audaxs with guards. So it not like I am anti guards. Elisitism in any sport should be challanged. I smell it in audaxing.

    The reason I say this it does not bother me if someone on an audax does not have them. I just choose not ride behind then. It becomes restrictive on what bike you can use. For example I can't fit clip on guards to my sannino so I can't use that bike and love that bike and have ridden long distances on it many times.

    I can road race though on an audax bike with the guards removed. I cannot use a road race bike for audax as some race bike are not compatible with guards. I never thought road racing was less bike elitist than audaxing.

    All I want to do is ride my bike. I was looking forward to this weekend. Now I am not.


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