• Agreed, TL with tubes is a good idea.

    I tried out some Challenge Strada Bianca Pro. Very robust with no flats but not as supple as various Conti with considerably less TPI. And if we talk about difficulty mounting a tire, these took the prize for me.

    I think there is false advertising going on with tire TPI. One manufacturer might be telling us the total TPI when layered/added together. For example 3x 60 = 180TPI. While another might tell us just 60 with no indication of layers, and in the case of the Strada Bianca, 260.

    The thing I disliked most about the Biancas was the on road grip, or lack there of. The are covered in little ribs. After some pretty hairy braking experiences where it loses grip in a very on off way, I called them, "ribbed for my displeasure".

    Nothing I have tried can touch the black chilli. Which is why I am really curious of the Conti GP Urban. Bit big but if the shoe fits...

    I've had many, and love the Conti Contract Travel 37mm. A wonderful no BS tire that works anywhere in pretty much any condition. It is heavy, not exactly for a race mostly on tarmac, but has been my best companion to date.

    The Panaracer Gravel King Slick is interesting with its size and weight, but again it has those ribs. Not sure their rib arrangement will solve the schizophrenic grip issue on the road.


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