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  • I still might have another go at drilling the bolt out today. The main issue is the Fat shaped stays get in the way. They curve in where chuck needs to be. I really need a longer bit but that can flex and break. There was anti seize all over the bolt when it went in as well.

    Might have to fit a new seat post to other bike. Fecking theives nicking my mudguards.

    The question was about how complusory is complusory of I run out of time to fit guards to my preferred bike for this distance. The above might explain why fitting guards is now a problem. I would not give an earful to an organiser. I would probably just stop if a fellow rider tried telling me off and simply pick another route. I am not anti social either. You have not met me but let's not assume things about one another. I wish I had not asked the question now.

  • The ability for organisers to make mudguards required came in because some controls were unhappy with the state of chairs/benches/etc after being used as a control. The cafes threatened to withdraw their use as a control, which meant the ride was unlikely to go ahead (as suitable alternatives near an existing route are often hard to come by).

    If too many people ignore the rule (especially if there is poor weather) then the organiser may have no choice but to cancel future instances of the ride.

    The question was about how complusory is complusory

    So, ask the organiser (Tom's a sensible and pleasant chap), he may say "I'd rather you fitted them but if the weather is fine I guess it's ok", or "ok but please be careful at controls X and Y", or "no, please have them fitted regardless".

    Don't just be selfish and possibly fuck it up for everyone else by possibly contributing to getting future instances of an event cancelled.

    Of course, as with all rules there are unintended consequences, and in this case it is old school organisers who think that everyone should ride Audaxes with mudguards. (Tom isn't one of these organisers, just to be clear.)



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