• Last October we chose an unseasonally cold Saturday to venture from Watford to Uxbridge:
    Some early potential attendees could not make that date,
    and casual enquiries suggest an improved repeat might gain favour.
    With warmer weather and extended daylight, the proposal is to extend the ride past Uxbridge, (and a strangely CrossRail -invigorated) Hayes to Hanwell, with its famous flight of locks, and Brunel's Triple Bridge
    and superior choice of eateries, (compared to Uxb).
    That gets us back onto the Uxbridge Road, with Underground access at Ealing Broadway.

    I think I've notified anyone who previously expressed interest in the 1st running.

    Some changes;
    The Watford cafe on Market Street has changed its name but retains its ethical basis. The rundown warehouse at Batchworth Lock is being transformed into a Premier Inn hotel, the 'Bear on the Canal' pub in Harefield is shuttered, and the Crown & Treaty is still not yet quite open after its interminable redevelopment.


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