• @Oliver Schick Sorry bout posting here I didn't realise there was a separate thread. My apologies. Perhaps @Velocio can move it? I have taken photos and yes there is red lines. There was a couple of girls who helped me off the road and picked my bike up but unfortunately I was still in shock to ask for their numbers. I'm hoping there is CCTV. I've contacted a no win no fee solicitor to get things moving so I'll wait for their reply on the details I gave them. Cheers

  • I wouldn't worry about the thread issue. I was just surprised that nobody had replied to you and suggested the other one as I think more people look at it.

    The highway authority should be TfL, then. I'm not sure that witnesses help much with pothole claims, so I doubt it's an issue that you didn't get their details.

    Hope you're not left out of pocket as a result.

    Oh, and there's also a potholes thread: