• The car will be (mostly) kept at my parents place in London...
    Is that not a breach of the insurance contract?

  • Yeah then it’s unavoidable.
    Put a parent on as an occasional driver, can sometimes bring it down a little.
    Or limited mileage cap, dreaded black box thing that measures how naughty you drive.

  • limited mileage cap

    How stringent will this be? I have no idea how many miles I'll do in a year. I'll talk to them tomorrow about my Dads insurance claim, see if putting him on will help
    Reeaallly don't want a black box, and doesn't usually help in London that much because they see you driving during rush hour in 'dangerous areas'. Had one the past year and even driving carefully as possible it doesn't let you get scores above 50/100 because of where and when you are driving


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