• I mean it's an option on the sync page to tell iTunes to reduce the bitrate for storage on your phone. It doesn't do it unless you ask it to.

    Not sure about iTunes lying but it fits with the general malaise. I'm all for having a physical collection and it makes sense to rip it but I've just not actually played much of it since because streaming opens up a lot of possibility for discovery. I am actively looking for good cd versions of albums though, where the mastering is well done cd is an amazing format.

  • Thanks, that makes sense to me.
    Have you ripped any LPs? The few that I've done have worked well, but it's obviously even more of a time suck.

  • Only about 500 so far. I'd say I have the 'needle drop' down now! It gets easier after the first 30 or so. Once you get the key commands down for whichever software you are using.

    One of the best pieces of software I have for needle drops is Squeed. It can use Discogs to apply metadata and write meaningful filenames once you have chopped the recording into tracks.