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  • Question: Should we experiment with Google AdSense banners?

    They've just reached out to me and I haven't tried it in absolutely ages (close to a decade)... but with total number of donors slowly going down, maybe we should try it again?

  • I would say its worth experimenting.

    Perhaps for non-logged in users first?

    I guess you could also look at A/B testing using a Cloudflare worker to see if it affects engagement (/puke)

  • Perhaps for non-logged in users first?

    Or people who have a regular donation get the ad-free version? I think that seems pretty fair: It costs money to run this website, so you can pay us one of two ways - adverts or donations.

    (I'm aware of the fact I'm being hypocritical - I have an ad blocker and don't have a regular donation set up.)


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