• Isnt there more then one Titanium builder in UK? Also, I kind of think that normal tool would do it, as you said u r just chasing the thread and not cutting it and hardened steel tools should be harder then titanium (random google of hrc scales).. good luck

  • I have a Dyna-tech (not this model) and the rear triangle and BB shell are steel, not titanium. Re-cutting should be doable by any LBS : )

  • Easy way for @johnnettles2 to tell would be to use a magnet. Ti is magnetic but only ever so slightly. There will be a marked difference between it and the steel tubes.

  • I maybe wrong on this but the Ti Dyna-Tech I had, had aluminium lugs, steel stays and drop outs, and a Ti front triangle. And most importantly a headset with plastic cups.


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