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  • Bike is in a rideable state... but it's been one of those builds where too many things seemed to be slightly harder/more annoying than they should be.

    Started off well, first smashing the wishbone on a tyreless rim, and then dropping the whole frameset sideways onto concrete. No real damage but some sweet paint chips straight off the bat. Glad I didn't buy new.

    Then foolishly tried to put 47c tubes into 42c tyres, cue about 40 mins of trying desperately not to get pinch flats and failing thoroughly. Got some appropriate tubes today and all good.

    After the bad start, everything went fairly smoothly until the brakes. Easy install but loads of rubbing. Front sorted but still not spinning. Wheel off eventually to adjust the cones and all relatively ok.

    Back wheel just generally a pain in the arse. Track ends + disc I guess is never going to be that easy, but even after a million adjustments it's still rubbing so much - is there any way to back off hydro brakes (Clarks m2) in the same way as you'd back off a cable brake? Tried pushing the pads back a bit but not much effect.

    I've read this expected to an extent and that they bed in eventually - but not sure what's considered fine and what isn't.

    Anyway, got them as good as possible and set up the chain to finish up, only to find that they'd sent 2 male(?) bits of the masterlink and no female. Temporarily put in a 1/8" female plate just to test ride...

    ...and it's making a fucking racket. Chainline seems ok, everything is new/almost new. I wonder if the XT double ring is incompatible with a regular 3/32" 8 speed chain? Could be the masterlink but would expect that sound to be sporadic rather than constant.

    ...And the hoses are really bloody long and I don't want to have to start bleeding things.

    But enough whinging... geo seems nice, it's actually pretty light, around 9.5kg. Will take some pictures tomorrow.

    Still need (apart from the above gripes):

    • Grips
    • ~90mm 0 degree stem
    • Seatpost & seat - going for a Romin & plain inline post.
    • Nicer top cap and spacers, transferring off another bike.
  • Regarding the brakes... You could try and re-align them. Loosen the bolts holding the calliper to the frame, then squeeze the brake lever firm so - the pads will orient themselves and the caliper will true itself in relation to the disc. Keep the lever squeezed and tighten the bolts.
    If that doesn't work and your pads are still rubbing, try pushing them back in again, but give it some welly...and use something flat and preferably plastic so as not to damage the pistons (i believe they're made of soft metal).
    I just had to push my pistons back today. Somehow the pin had fallen out of the calliper and the brake pads fell out. Pretty scary way to find out your brake wasn't working cycling into traffic.


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