• The practicality of this is that it is not CSI London. Review of CCTV is a very slow process. And what would it really achieve unless there is complete coverage of every road and street etc.
    It will be interesting to see if they locate the driver and the offence they are charged with. I’m not sure it was deliberate from the footage but it looks reckless as opposed to careless at the very least. I don’t know the street where is happened but it is very odd driving.

  • It's only slow when it is low level offending. I'm a lawyer so I get an idea of how things work when serious violence has been inflicted.

  • I’m not sure I said it was slow. It may appear slow but that is just the news.
    Also, someone commented that police didn’t receive a call initially about it. That could explain any perceived delay.
    I had another look at the CCTV it appears the car may have thought it was one way. If that is not the case - it appears to be worse than reckless.


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