• https://worlds.yorkshire.com/the-races/

    I can't see a thread for this, but would love to go and watch some of the elite road races.

    Maybe train to Leeds, watch the depart, then cycle up to the 7-lap finishing circuit around Harrogate. Or watch the race pass through Skipton and then cycling to watch the finish at Harrogate...

    Is anyone else thinking about going ?

    Any Yorkshire locals with some advice on travel, accomodation, etc? @TM

  • I'm in North Leeds probably for rest of the year so will definitely be going. I was checking hotels yesterday - thinking of volunteering - and Harrogate is 97% booked up already. (According to booking dot com)

    I guess York will be even more rammed than usual. My plan is ride in from Chapel Allerton (approx 14 miles to Harrogate).


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