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  • For what it's worth, I am running Schwalbe G One "non tubeless" as tubeless. They drop from around 45 to 35psi over the course of a week. That's the cheap ass Performance line tyres.

    The Evolution line is Tubeless Easy, these tan walls have the same compound but not marked as Tubeless Easy. I would have no hesitation in running these as tubeless.

  • I would warn against fitting these tubeless, I had one blow off a stans grail @ 60psi. This happened shortly after fitting while still in my workshop (thankfully not during a ride). Granted, you will likely not be running that sort of pressure but I would not trust them since.

    I have fitted many tubeless tyre/rim combos over the last couple of years (I work as a mechanic) and hacked a few non-tubeless tyres for myself (28/32c gravelkings amoung them) with great success, though this is definitely not a tyre I'd risk.

    Having said that, if you buy them off me it's up to you what you do! Just would rather an account of my experience be out there.

    2 tyres left still for sale.


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