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  • We ragged it up the dual carriageway last time I did it and I was towing a couple of mates for who an extra 20 miles was a pretty big deal.

    It was back in the days you used to be able to jump on the train at Darsham, but Darsham was a shitshow so we took an unplanned trip to Ipswich, so morale was at about 3% all round.

  • Yeh to be fair it really depends what state you’re in by Dunwich. Me and two mates did it last year and got picked up by ones parents as they live just outside Ipswich, I wouldn’t have minded the ride but I think they were both pretty happy for the lift.

    I guess if the Dynamo itself is a known quantity and no big deal for you as a rider then it’s not too bad, if the dynamo is a pretty big deal in of itself then yeh it’s a bit of a slog.