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  • Riding to Ispwich to catch a train after all those lovely winding lanes is really depressing, just FYI

  • It’s really not that bad. I’d say it’s probably only the last few miles that are on proper town/city roads, especially after you’ve had a rest on the beach. Depends if/how much you’re struggling by dunwich I guess. The route back to Ipswich is actually mostly pretty nice until you hit martlesham/kesgrave (about 4 miles into town and I’m pretty sure it’s a ‘net’ downhill), but then it’s Sunday morning so it’s mega quiet. Especially if you’re in a group it’s pretty leisurely unless the conditions are properly against you.

  • We ragged it up the dual carriageway last time I did it and I was towing a couple of mates for who an extra 20 miles was a pretty big deal.

    It was back in the days you used to be able to jump on the train at Darsham, but Darsham was a shitshow so we took an unplanned trip to Ipswich, so morale was at about 3% all round.