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  • Ok so how do I get this guy to stay in place here? It’s an aluminum fender strut that I’m attempting to repurpose.

  • Yeah, what he said^

    I have a SON 28 hub which has lived outside for 4 years and had a daily rattle down various tow paths- the bearings expired and I was cursing myself for buying it through a German eBay shop for the sake of saving £20.
    I got in touch with SJS who said so long as I had my receipt they'd send it back for warranty. They did and 2.5 weeks later I had a fully serviced hub back in my hands for the price of what it cost to send it to SJS.

    Without a receipt and regardless of age the cost is capped at about £60 or something like that. I think this is very reasonable and a great service that you'd not get with other manufacturers.

    I say this for anyone that is on the fence with which brand to buy.


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