• Incroyable. Presumably the frame has had some sort of treatment to look that good after 94 years?

  • The frame was restored by the previous custodian, Stephen, who said it was in a bad way and very rusty. Traces of the claret colour were found underneath clips, but all the surviving exposed paint had faded to brown. He used a mix of both colours on the frame.
    Stephen is a member of the Solent Veteran Bicycle and Tricycle Club, and the machine has been out and about in the ten years he had it. Before that another SVBTC owned it, and his name rings a bell. I think I sold him my old Watsonian sidecar unit in 2012. I've dropped him a line, it would be great if he has some 'as found' photos of the machine.

    Until I got it home, I was firmly under the impression this was a Parisian machine. That's what Stephen thought. The rear hub was stamped Paris, and the headbadge had Notre Dame on it. Some digging at home revealved it wasn't from Paris, not even France!

    'Notre Dame Au Bois' is the actual location, and this is in the Flemish region of Belgium, just below Brussels.

    Stephen also kept detailed notes on the machine

    The next project by Mike, on Flickr

    The next project by Mike, on Flickr


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