• https://www.pedalroom.com/bike/surly-ste¬≠amroller-650b-size-59-38893

    got inspired by this and want to convert my volume cutter to something similar, with a carbon cx fork.

    Problem is, I'm sceptical about the rear clearance. Chainstay gives about 40-45mm clearance 325mm from the centre of the axle (where a 40ish 650b tyre should be the widest). I very much doubt it'll be enough for a 1.75inch-47mm tyre. Other option could be a smaller 650b tyre like a 1.5inch or even less - though believe it will be too small for the general purpose of a 650b anyways.

    Any ways around it or should I just ditch the project? 700x32 seems too meh...


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