• train tickets were cheap so I've booked mine. image attached.
    leaves london early on the saturday but that allows for loadsa riding.
    always book with trainsplit for the best prices!


    You must book for legs 1, 3, and 4 of this journey if you take this specific one.

    Leg 1 (lner) - 5 bike spaces in the train. I got the first slot, 4 remain. Call 03457 225 225 opt 2.
    Leg 3 (x-country) - 3 bike spaces. I got the second slot, 1 unreservable one remains. Advise people to pick a different train home due to virgin's stingy fucker bike allocation policy
    Leg 4 (hull) - no idea how many spaces, phone guy couldn't tell me. I got one. Call 03450710222 opt 3, 2

    In short: book the same outwards trains as me, call LNER to add your bike
    Then book whatever return trains you fancy, but make sure you have bike reservations if necessary, and try to avoid crosscountry

  • How much were the outbound trains in total? I'm totally green to this so might be a bit too much logistically for me to sort out in time


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