• I will let you know in due course but need to get to Devon before committing! (And May drive up)
    If not camping the youth hostel that’s an old Manor House is amazing.
    If I’m not there you MUST have the ice cream at Bradwell. (If it’s open)

  • thanks - you've always got the best food recommendations!
    will be wild camping near Ladybower - plenty of tents/tarps to go round

  • I love the Peaks.
    Studied in Nottingham/ Derby, and tried to sneak up there as often as I could.
    There’s loads round there, but that little hole in the wall with its idiosyncratic opening hours, is amazing.

    Also it’s worth going to the swimming pool in Hathersage as early as possible (If open) for the steam rising off it and the views).


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