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  • We mostly stayed in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem sadly. I would have loved to visit Bethlehem and Ramallah.

    Then realise what the awesome, forward thinking, progressive country of Israel is really built on.

    That's exactly the impression I got. The people you can see in the cities are lovely. Vendors in the markets and even random people asking for a lighter were genuinely interested in where we're from. Nowhere a sign of discrimination except at the airport.
    Security check was a real pain. Even though said friend has a German passport, he has a Palestinian last name so he got questioned for 2 hours after arrival. Things like what his grandfathers name and birthday was, what he was doing in Israel and so on (remember that he didn't have any connection to his relatives for 20 years).
    For departure we all got pulled out and searched thoroughly. Solely for the reason that we're friends with him. We had to wait a lot and unpack everything so arriving about 2-3 hours before departure was a good call. But they had to touch my worn underwear which was quite awkwardly funny.
    The trip was awesome though. We met many 'local' people (especially in Tel Aviv I couldn't differentiate locals from tourists), had awesome food and did a lot of arak shots. And left a lot of money.
    I definitely recommend to go there and see it for yourself. But read in first to really appreciate the situation there. I didn't and therefore it was kind of 'just' a holiday trip - a good one though.

  • I'm hoping that you realise that my comment was saying that Israel is NOT forward thinking, progressive or awesome and that impression is a total and well cultivated mirage. It is the opposite and I was being sarcastic, because all your good times and arak shots are effectively funded by the misery of a captive population.

    If you partake without making an active effort to see another side, you legitimise apartheid and are complicit. This is partly because it is SO EASY to see the other side because it is as I said before, hiding in plain sight.

    You didn't see discrimination? Seriously? If you were in Jerusalem, one of the most racially divided and segregated cities in the world and didn't see discrimination then you didn't look.
    How many Arab areas does that tram stop in? Whats the difference between the Jewish and Arab bus stations? Why are there separate bus stations?!? Why are there so many 18 year olds wandering around with army uniforms and massive guns? Did you see any Arabs with uniforms and guns? How much of the 'Israeli' infrastructure is located in illegal areas? Did you see the seperation wall? You know it runs through Jerusalem right?

    I'm sorry to have a go but you cannot go there and have a neutral, apolitical experience. In that country, every action is political.

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