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  • i'll add to the survey had two accidents in the last year n half one witnessed by an off duty police officer which i will get compensation for but the other more serious when i was seconds from death by a hit a run driver who accelerated over me at a junction but they couldn't be bothered to check cctv enough in the area even though i had exact times....

  • sorry to hear. hopefully there won't have a next time, but just in case, what I had to do was ask the businesses near the accident to check their cctv myself, with the exact time it's a really easy task and they did, and the pub in the corner had it on their camera.

    I emailed the wonderful MET police all the details, name of the pub, name of the manager, their address, telephone number, number plate of the vehicle, everything I could gather, the wonderful MET still couldn't be bothered to drop by and collect the DVD the landlord was kind enough to save the footage on.

    So I kept emailing and calling the wonderful MET, then the PUB manager saw the pain I was going through and allowed me to see the cctv, I was able to identify the vehicle, added that to the police report, the MET added the owner of the vehicle to the email chain...

    cutting this short, the MET never did anything, but I got the vehicle owner to pay to fix my motorcycle. So although this was about a motorbike and not a push bike, if you have the patience to do all the work yourself and get lucky with a cool pub manager that feels your pain, you can have a positive outcome.


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