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  • A shameless plug for the region where I live, but it might be interesting for anyone who has ridden, or is planning to ride, l'Ardechoise. I received a link today to a film of the 2018 event:­_GY&

    l’Ardechoise is an annual 4-day cycling event in June, in the Ardeche region of France, for all ages and experience levels, with around 12,000-15,000 cyclist each year. There are 13 designated routes, varying in distance and number/height of hills and mountains to climb.
    They all start from the village of Saint Félicien.
    It starts on a Wednesday, for the 4-day rides, Thursday for the 3-day rides, Friday for the 2-day rides, and Saturday is the big party day, with most of the roads closed to cars, and carnivals in all the villages on the routes. And plenty of free cheese, saucisson, wine and other local foods for all the participants.

    The routes are also permanently signposted now, so they can be done all year round.

    A link to the website:

    You can download GPX files of the routes by selecting them individually on the interactive route map:­

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