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  • @Eamesy Top work. I saw a few fixed riders, guessing you were one of them!

    Top event, first year I've done it. Fantastic scenery / route. I thought it was going to be a little bit more of a mixed crowd tbh, didn't see anyone else in a flannel shirt on the route except the fella I was riding with.

    Came away with a huge dent on my bike though, took a rock on the down tube.

  • I think there was 3 of us in all.

    Was it you or the chap you were with that had a front basket? Vaguely remember a couple of guys in shirts and gilets?

    Think next year I’ll do the 130 on my Ogre; flat pedals, beers in the basket, shorts and t-shirt and stop for loads of photos. I was planning on taking loads of photos this year, but I didn’t stop much so they’re all of people’s backs and asses taken while riding.

  • Yeah I was doing it with the chap with the basket full of bananas.

    That's pretty much what we did. Planned to do the full 200, but we spend far too long taking photos and chewing the fat at the second feed stop, that by the time we got to the cut off just after feed 2 we'd missed it by 1/2 hour. In a funny way pretty glad, as that bit after the dam was killer. Not sure I'd have enjoyed it with another 50 miles in the legs.

    Will be back next year i think, have to tick off the 200km. Also didn't realise there were so many MTB trails around the castle. When we got back from the 130, we headed up to the observatory and played around on the reds there. Recommended!


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