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  • @Eamesy Top work. I saw a few fixed riders, guessing you were one of them!

    Top event, first year I've done it. Fantastic scenery / route. I thought it was going to be a little bit more of a mixed crowd tbh, didn't see anyone else in a flannel shirt on the route except the fella I was riding with.

    Came away with a huge dent on my bike though, took a rock on the down tube.

  • I think there was 3 of us in all.

    Was it you or the chap you were with that had a front basket? Vaguely remember a couple of guys in shirts and gilets?

    Think next year I’ll do the 130 on my Ogre; flat pedals, beers in the basket, shorts and t-shirt and stop for loads of photos. I was planning on taking loads of photos this year, but I didn’t stop much so they’re all of people’s backs and asses taken while riding.